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Vaporizer depressurizes, evaporates and regulates the liquid-forming gas supplied from LPG tank.
Because of compact size & light weight plus best quality, this product has gained popularity continuously over the world since the development.
Our vaporizer(reducer) is two kinds, nipple type and solenoid type. Nipple type is general and Solenoid type has single solenoid valve. Also we have each vaporizer which should be matched with Variable Mixer(H6200).
Item Specification
1st Pressure 0.20Kg/㎠±0.01
Operating gas LPG
1st valve seat Φ4.70mm
2st valve seat 800~3600cc
Input size Φ6.5mm
Output size Φ13.5mm
Water size Φ12.0mm
2nd lock valve
Voltage DC 12V
Min voltage DC 7V
Weight 1.429g