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Gas Filter is a device used to hold back impurities through LPG Injection Vaporizer(H6006) or CNG Pressure Regulator(H6009). It is fitted between the Vaporizer or the Pressure Regulator and Injector.
We have 3 types. (A) type & (B) type are combined with rail but (C) type doesn't need rail.
And (B) type & (C) type have a pressure sensor inside to send signals to ECU(H3300) which controls injection based on gas pressure to make engine performance optimum. Also, (B) & (C) type have a temperature sensor inside to control injection based on temperature.
Item Specification
Temperature range -30~+130℃
Pressure 2.5 bar
Flow rate 500ℓ/min
Filter 40~50㎛
Dimension 125×50×50
Weight 276g