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Our ECU is consist of the heat-resistant circuit design. It has the functions such as the excellent Logic & Auto Calibration. Also because Monitor Program is set up, user can handle functions easily.
Particularly by introducing ingnition control based on Ignition Mapping, our ECU is much more excellent than others in power & gas mileage of cng vehicle.
Function & Characteristic
1. As using auto calibration, you can make
a handy auto mapping.
2. The inside heat-resistant circuits offer it
semi-permanent durability.
3. It has cng ignition control function.
4. It has injector time, Ignition & Lambda
Mapping function.
5. Notebook program mapping
6. It is charateristic of the best design by
means of optimum Hareware & Software.
Function & Characteristic
Mode Function
LPG Mode

Only LPG Start

Auto Mode Gasoline start -> LPG Change
Gasoline Mode Only Gasoline Start
Function & Characteristic
1. At first, starting is by gasoline and after
starting & if you press the switch once
more, it is changed into gas

2. During running by gas, if you press the
switch, it is changed into gasoline.

3. One touch makes it change into

4. Gas/gasoline is indicated by LED.

5. The quantity of gas is indicated from “E”
mode to F mode. E mode means Empty
and “F” mode means Full.

6. When the residue of fuel is insufficient,
“E” mode flickers.

7. During running, when the residue of gas
is insufficient, it is changed into gasoline

8. If you want to start by gas, press the
switch & start-up and it will be able to run
by gas.