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We desinged this product with our own technology & know-how and developed it with our strict test process. It can be applied to any vehicles in the world. Let alone the component of our CNG Injection System or CNG DDF System, CNG Pressure Regulator in itself sells like mad over the world.
In addition, Because our CNG Pressure Regulator is designed compactly, it is convenient that you should install it inside vehicles.
Item Specification
Temperature -30~+130℃
1st Pressure 2.5~3.0bar
2st Pressure 1.2~1.6bar
Inlet pressure 250bar
Dimension 160×84×84
Weight 1,410g
• Regulator with Automatic sol. valve   • Regulator with Automatic sol. valve & Pressure Gauge
• Regulator with Automatic sol. Valve & High pressure sensor   • Regulator with Relief valve