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Our injector has many merits such as low noise, heat-resistance and condition of selection each fuel quantity. Also our injector is much more less than others in the variation of fuel quantity according to lasting use. Our injector has been produced with the strict process and sold like mad in the world let alone within the domestic country. It has ECE R67, ECE R110 and Austrailian certificate etc.
Model No. H2000 H2100 H2200
Item Top Feed Type Top Feed Type Side Feed Type
Voltage DC 12V DC 12V DC 24V DC 24V
Resistor (Ω) 1.9Ω 1.4Ω 1.4Ω 1.15Ω
Max Pressure 3.0bar 4.0bar 3.5bar 8bar 10bar
Operation Pressure 1.2bar 1.5bar 5bar 9bar
Flow Rate L/min A-Type 115 224 584 437
B-Type 90 200 494 -
C-Type 752 - - -
Open Time A-Type 2.8ms 2.36ms 3.0ms 1.54ms 1.64ms
B-Type 2.7ms 2.24ms 2.8ms 1.54ms -
C-Type 2.6ms 2.0ms     -
Closign Time A, B, C 1.2ms 1.2ms 0.8ms 0.8ms
Fuel Gasoline Diesel
Engine Size 4, 6, 8 Cylinder Vehicle Heavy-duty truck
Operating gas LPG / CNG / LNG
Size 70 x Φ25 80 x Φ33
Engine Size according to Flow Rate
Model No. Fuel Voltage Injector Flow Rate L/min Engine size
Type Color
H2000 Gasoline DC 12V A Green 115 6 & 8 cylinder
B Red 90 4 & 6 cylinder
C Black 75 4 cylinder
H2100 Gasoline DC 12V A Green 224 8 cylinder
Diesel DC 24V B Red 200 6&8 cylinder
Diesel DC 24V A Green 584 Heavy-duty truck
B Red 494
H2200 Diesel DC 24V A Green 437 Heavy-duty truck
Refer to the above flux. You must use the above data when you test vehicle.
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